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Tyres Chippenham


The legal limit for the tread depths of a car tyre is 1.6mm, within the centre ¾’s of the tyre’s tread.

It is however worth bearing in mind that tyres start to lose their water clearing efficiency when the tread is 3mm or below. This is typically when it would be advised on an MOT test.

The pressures, specified by the manufacturer, are set according to the weight of the vehicle and the suspension set up.

Correct tyre pressure ensures the maximum area of contact of the tyre is maintained with the road, it does not adversely wear the tyre and ensures the maximum performance of the tyre, both from a safety point of view, driving feeling and response.

If a tyre is underinflated, it will wear the outer tread prematurely. If a tyre is overinflated, it will wear more quickly in the centre of the tread, because the increased pressure pushes the centre out, whilst the outer tread stays relatively in.

REMEMBER: Correctly inflated tyres are essential for: Safety, Performance, Tyre longevity, Driving confidence, Feel & Response – Also ensuring the maximum fuel economy from your vehicle.


Width: The first number is the width of the tyre expressed in millimetres, from one sidewall to the other. E.g. ‘205’mm

Profile: Expressed as a percentage of the tyre’s width, the second number in the size is the profile (height of the tyre). E.g. ‘55’%

Construction: “R” is for Radial construction; this is used on most motor vehicles. Other examples are “B” for Bias-ply or “D” for Diagonal construction.

Wheel Size: Expressed in inches, the diameter of the wheel. E.g. ‘16’ inches

Load Index: This is a code indicating the maximum capacity a tyre can support. E.g. ‘91’ is equivalent to 615kg load.

Speed Rating: Graded alphabetically, each letter denotes the maximum speed a tyre can sustain under the recommended load capacity. E.g. ‘Y’ is equivalent to a maximum speed of 186 mph.

Other Information: Certain tyres come with a particular specification such as Run-Flat tyres, Mud & Snow tyre and Brand specific fitments. E.g. ‘M+S’ for Mud & Snow or ‘MOE’ for Mercedes fitment.

DOT Code: Compliant with Department for Transport vehicle safety standards – DOT week of manufacture/year of manufacture. E.g. DOT 12/22 (made the 12th week in 2022)


Updated in 2021, the EU tyre labelling system is designed to help consumers make more informed choices about their tyres.


The tyre label is split into multiple categories: Wet Braking Distance, Fuel Efficiency and Noise Rating which are graded alphabetically. Plus, a Snow & Ice grip approval for tyres meeting the minimum requirement in sub-zero temperatures.

Watch the short video where this is explained.

Simply the best garage I have ever known.

Simply the best garage I have ever known. Friendly, super helpful and honest. Great staff. Can’t praise them enough. Also very good for second hand cars. JB – 2022

Excellent service for a very good price…

“Excellent service for a very good price, I moved into the area 18 months ago and decided to use Turbo Jection as they were close to me. I have been very impressed with their professionalism and honesty and have since used them multiple times and have recommended them to anyone who needs a garage that they can trust in. I have mainly dealt with Bill and Steve and have always found them to be courteous and friendly and always willing to listen to you as a customer and explain what they have found/carried out at a level you can understand. Use these guys and rest assured that you are in very good hands!”

Fantastic service from start to finish!

“Fantastic service from start to finish. We’d been having our car serviced for a few years elsewhere (other side of the country!) and of late not 100% convinced of quality, so decided to some ‘home’ and have Bill and his team here look at the car. We needed a fair amount done to the car over a short period of time but they did everything and more of what was asked, a proper fantastic job done. It’s not the cheapest around, but you’re pay for quality and experience. A truly honest, trustworthy and local business.”

Nice people… Down right honest…

“Nice people doing their best to sort out your car in their best of abilities. Down right honest because they know what is a hard earned money is. Always felt welcome here which is a bit unusual from my previous experiences from other garages. Bill is a good and efficient mechanic.”



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